Quotes of 'Books'

Curt Guenther :

"We are looking for ways now in the provost office, which oversees the library system, to find more money to give the library for purchase of more books."

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Craig Waters :

"Pretty much since statehood, we have kept a continuous record of what [the Supreme Court] did. We have lots of rare, old books, even Spanish books from when Spanish law was important in interpreting land grants."

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Craig Berman :

"It's our goal to provide our customers with the ability to find, discover, and buy anything they want on the Internet, and that includes financial services. Customers have been buying books about personal finance, retirement, colleges, and so forth. So this is a natural extension."

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Courtney Lewis :

"There are so many books, once banned, that are foundations of English literature, so it was very important to gain awareness of this threat to English literature."

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Courtney Lewis :

"As a librarian, I have seen a lot of books checked out of the library that I didn't think were very good, but people came back to return those same books and said that the book changed their lives."

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Cory Miller :

"I've seen students check out anywhere between $250 up to $1,200. The fact that we are a rental (school) can make a difference. Some kids just aren't going to be able to afford those books."

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Cory Doctorow :

"And it is promotion. My publisher, Tor Books, have some modern methods that allow them to make a profit on as little as 3,000 copies of a hardcover novel. The traditional methods would need a print run of 50,000 paperbacks. That means Tor can afford to have tons of first novelists every year on much shorter runs. But then the marketing effort is diluted to cover all those authors. It's not possible to make a good living from being a mid-tier author, just selling in the bookshops. I need to promote myself, with all the tools I have."

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Cory Doctorow :

"There are people already sharing eBooks out there, ... and they do it simply because they love books. You don't buy a second copy of a book, cut the spine off, lay each page on a scanner, run that .tif through an OCR (Optical Character Reader), hand edit the resulting output for errors and then post it online if you don't love the book. it can up to 80 hours to turn a printed novel into an eBook. I figure if someone out there is willing to put in 80 hours of work promoting my book, then I'd prefer they do it in a way that gives a better return to me."

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Cory Doctorow :

"Previously, such jottings might have been kept in the author's notebook but something amazing happens when you post them online. Readers help you connect them, flesh them out and grow them into fully-fledged books or blooks."

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Cory Doctorow :

"Blooks differ from books in several ways"

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