Quotes of 'Surprise'

Cyril Suk :

"For us it is not a surprise that Jiri is not on our team. We still have a strong team, we play at home. Nevertheless, the Germans are little bit the favorites and it will be difficult for us to beat them."

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Cynthia Rowley :

"I can't believe you know. It's supposed to be a big surprise."

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Cynthia Rowley :

"It's different things -- my house, travel, art. And then what I've been doing for fun lately, which is the little surprise in the show."

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Cy Alexander :

"He was a big surprise. I jumped on my assistant coach who scouted (Ball State), 'Tell me about this guy. Who's he?' Everybody has their day in the sun, and he had his today."

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Crystal Spackman :

"I personally don't feel like we're ready to be contenders. But some of the coaches have been telling me that we're in a good position to sneak in and surprise some people."

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Cristian Guzman :

"They're going to enjoy the new Guzman this year. I've got a little surprise for them."

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Craig Shepherd :

"They probably surprised a little bit on the profitability of the Nine Network, which was a good surprise. Their revenue on TV was down and EBITDA was down 13.1 percent but I think a lot of people thought it would be down more than that."

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Craig Pennington :

"The expectation for an inventory build is built in across all the product areas with an outside risk of a surprise on heating oil."

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Craig Newmark :

"People are smart, good and surprise me with the way they use our site."

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Craig Moffett :

"It is not entirely a surprise that the deal fell apart. Valuations in the sector have fallen dramatically since the initial offer was made."

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