Quotes of 'Power'

Cy Thannikary :

"We have power. We have to believe we can fight city hall."

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Curtis McDougall :

"Compare all this ribaldry, blasphemously called the Word of God, with the Almighty power that created the universe, and whose eternal wisdom directs and governs all its mighty movements, and we shall be at a loss to find a name sufficiently contempti"

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Curtis Hebert Jr :

"When I told him that I didn't think it was the right thing to do and also that there was no legal basis for it under the federal Power Act, he told me that he and his company, Enron, could no longer support me as chairman."

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Curtis Hebert Jr :

"I never saw Ken Lay as a huge energy player. I think a lot of people did. I saw him as a trading company. That's why I never really allowed him to exert any type of influence over me on what power companies or what utility companies should be doing in this energy industry."

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Curt Ziegmont :

"They just had too much power for us. Inside, and obviously, the shooters that they have were phenomenal. They were knocking them down tonight."

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Curt Johnston :

"We've always done majority rule. You can't give veto power to one board member. That's a terrible choice. I think it's a real mistake and will create a lot more problems than it will solve."

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Cui Zi'en :

"Our committee is not a chaired committee as each member has equal power. That's why we split over the discussion about whether we should inform the printed media early or not. In the end we decided to inform the press a few days ahead of the festival."

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Cristin Brown :

"We are extremely concerned for our workers and want nothing more than to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. It is unfortunate that Mr. Stern has allowed this risky situation to continue when he has the power to intervene and negotiate a solution."

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Cristen Trent :

"Instead of setting one person, I can set anyone and know the ball will get in the court. I don't have that one power hitter, but I have a whole team."

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Craig Simpson :

"Players are creatures of habit and will revert back to some of the instinctive things they do, so you have to be prepared, I think, to be killing off 10-12 penalties a game and getting 10 or 12 power plays. You do the math."

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