Quotes of 'Economy'

Cyril Beuzit :

"We've had an accumulation of hawkish comments from the ECB and the momentum behind the European economy is now quite strong. The picture remains quite negative for the bond markets."

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Cynthia Brown :

"Those things don't exist now. I think right now they're much more transparent in their accounting for their economy."

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Cushing Anderson :

"In the economy we are in now, there will not be the same investment in technology, but we are demanding of employees greater productivity. In order to [achieve] that you need to give [employees] internal tools to make them work smarter. If you invest in the worker's skill set overall, you should be able to see a change in productivity."

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Curt Nichols :

"In terms of business growth and economic development - there are really two ways to develop a strong economy - an economy made up of high-wage, high-value jobs that are diverse enough to ensure that the region prospers in any type of economy. One of those ways is to attract new companies or operations to our region. The other way is to focus on helping companies who are already here grow and prosper."

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Curt Hecker :

"It's a great report. Our employees and our strong economy both contributed to a phenomenally successful year. Our key is to focus on smaller markets and high-end levels of service to our customers to provide value."

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Cummins Catherwood :

"We're having a pretty good time economically, and what that's saying is the consumer is alive and kicking. Retail is a huge factor in our economy."

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Csaba Csere :

"Engines were calibrated so if you gave up one second of 0-to-60-performance and gained a half-mile-per-gallon in fuel economy, you would make that trade-off every day. Cars were just awful."

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Cristina Gonzalez :

"The unemployment rates dropped for the right reason -- because there were fewer workers on the unemployment rolls, not because workers have left the area because of a lack of jobs. That's an indication the economy is strong."

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Craig Ray :

"Tourism is a $6.35 billion industry and a huge part of the local economy along this coast. Katrina not only washed away the culturally historic communities here, it also washed away a big part of our livelihood, but it could not take away our spirit. I cannot believe the substantial progress Tourism - Caring for America volunteers made. With 20 percent of our economy laid off due to Katrina-related issues, we have been working day in and day out over the past six months to get our communities back on track. This kind of concentrated effort makes us feel like we moved mountains in just a few days."

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Craig Marks :

"But it could have an enormous beneficial impact on energy security and the U.S. economy."

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