Quotes of 'Reason'

Craig Kemmerer :

"The suppliers can raise the prices. They have no reason not to."

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Craig Johnston :

"There is a reason I sit up in the booth and observe. I have a lot of faith in my staff."

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Craig Hansen :

"It's all been happening so fast, ... I definitely see it as me being lucky to be here, in the same clubhouse with some of these guys, knowing the front office believes in me enough to think I can help out. I didn't expect the call up; whatever happened, happened for a reason."

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Craig Evans :

"The Gospel of Judas turns Judas' act of betrayal into an act of obedience. The sacrifice of Jesus' body of flesh in fact becomes saving. And so for that reason, Judas emerges as the champion and he ends up being envied and even cursed and resented by the other disciples."

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Craig David :

"After Slicker Than Your Average , if I didn't have a break, I would have been making a record for the wrong reason."

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Craig Buntin :

"For some reason, I just couldn't find my knees. The performance itself, if you skip the jumps, was good."

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Craig Benson :

"We came out a little flat, but from there on, we just got a boost of energy and he?s the main reason why. There was a sense of urgency. We already dug ourselves into a little bit of a hole."

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Courtney Pratt :

"the reason this is pretty critical, that there be no questioning from the court's perspective about the way the board has dealt with this, is that the forecast is critical to the plan."

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Courtney Love :

"I'm driven. I am. I'm driven for some reason. But I don't know where I'm going."

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Councilman David Druker :

"The reason we charge for parking and continue to charge for parking is that we have a lifeguard on duty 365 days a year. We are providing services to everybody every day of the year."

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