Quotes of 'Reason'

Curt Goering :

"It's just an outrageous situation where people have gone through this system that has been established, such as it is, and the (U.S.) government itself has found there's no reason for them to be held any longer, and yet they continue to be held."

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Crystal Candy :

"I think this is sort of baffling to investigators because it appears both victims were cooperating and for an unknown reason they shot the husband execution-style and killed him."

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Cristina Gonzalez :

"The unemployment rates dropped for the right reason -- because there were fewer workers on the unemployment rolls, not because workers have left the area because of a lack of jobs. That's an indication the economy is strong."

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Craig Wilson :

"He's a winner. In talking to guys who have been with the Dodgers, they would say they enjoyed having him as manager. He works hard at what he does, he talks to them, and you can see that their pitching and fundamentals always have been strong. With the talent we have, I don't see any reason why he can't continue his successful run here."

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Craig Stadler :

"The reason I played so well was I didn't want to let the kid down, ... It probably helped my game, because I really didn't pay attention to what I was doing."

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Craig Stadler :

"He's obviously done something right the last two days. Don't see any reason he can't do it a third."

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Craig Nall :

"Coach Sherman said you'd be a fool if you didn't take anything away from this season. I think there's a lot of lessons to be learned. One thing you have to take from it is, It's not easy to win games in this league.' We've been competitive and for some reason or another, we just haven't got it done. I know I'm going to appreciate wins more often."

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Craig Mazin :

"The reason I think screenwriters should at least try to get the opportunity to direct something is because it teaches us how few words you need..."

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Craig Mathias :

"There are three reasons to deploy wireless. You can't install wire, for whatever reason. Wireless is cheaper over a given time. Or you need mobility."

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Craig Levein :

"For some strange reason the cup competition does not bring the same pressure that the league does at this moment in time, so therefore the players relax a little bit, play a bit more off the cuff and don't over-think."

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