Quotes of 'Reason'

Curtis Stinson :

"We picked up the intensity with our full-court defense and started getting turnovers and steals and quick shots. That stopped for some reason."

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Curtis Joseph :

"Any time you're mentioned in the same breath as Tony Esposito, for whatever reason, it's a great honor. He's one of my idols. He's one of the greatest of all time."

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Curt Schilling :

"You can't go out and push people to do something you're not doing yourself. I'm getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to do what I do for a living, and there's no reason why I wouldn't [give]."

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Cristie Kerr :

"For some reason, she is the chosen one. People just want to turn on the TV and watch, and that's good for the rest of us. She's just got this aura around her that makes people want to pay attention."

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Craig Thompson :

"This is an interesting case study. There's 40,000 Colorado State alumni in the Denver area. Wyoming has several thousand alumni living in Denver. Air Force has a lot of fans in the area. But for whatever reason, it didn't translate to sales."

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Craig Stadler :

"I never thought about not winning in Florida until I saw Watson's streak, ... The reason probably is the greens. I grew up on the West Coast, not in the south."

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Craig Mortensen :

"Montrose was one of the best defensive team's we've faced all year. They were a big reason why our offense struggled. We haven't been challenged all year and needed a close game to prove ourselves."

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Craig MacTavish :

"It's pretty obvious what we have to do. Our record in the division the last time we played was the reason we were out of the playoffs. We know that. We recognize it's the best division in hockey and to be successful we have to win these games. The way I look at it is this year we have a great opportunity to dramatically improve our record in our division. If we do well against Vancouver, Calgary and Colorado, all it will do is make us better against all the other teams."

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Craig Littlepage :

"We endeavor to try to provide as much transparency, within reason, as to how the committee works, why it does what it does."

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Craig Littlepage :

"We look at and put a great deal of weight in the last 10 games. The reason for that? The team that plays the last 10 games is, barring injury, the team that, if selected, will play in the tournament."

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