Quotes of 'Reason'

Christine Karbowiak :

"These things aren't indestructible. They are made out of rubber. Every passenger car sold in the United States is sold with a spare tire, and they're sold with a spare tire for a reason."

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Christine Jacobs :

"We've been around for 25 years, but people are getting complacent again. Drunk driving deaths are going back up. There are a lot of people who are killed for no reason at all, because they're so preventable."

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Christine Halberg :

"After pool play we had a little talk. For some reason we fell apart (against Montague), but it was only that one match. In the first game against Durand I could see we were back."

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Christine Evans :

"One reason is to represent Kids Help Phone, and to make it more known and raise awareness for kids across Canada. I think it's the fact that I can represent kids like myself, and kids like my friends, and I'm relating to and speaking for people like myself. So I can really be a part of it."

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Christina Ricci :

"W called me 'the young Delta Burke.' It's so silly. I weigh 105 pounds and wear a size two, but for some reason I'm a heavyweight."

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Christina Montrois :

"The whole week when this happened, I kept wondering, 'Why did this happen?' But everything really does happen for a reason. I'm so excited to have this opportunity. Being at Princeton is so exciting. Being treated like a member of the student body is really great and really gracious of Princeton."

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Christina Johnson :

"We have a lot of dogs here in Enoch that are just dumped off and left. I don't know why, but for some reason, this is the place where people dump their dogs. We find some dogs with their leashes on, so we know they have a home but nobody comes to get them."

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Christie Donner :

"There's no real reason for them to grant early parole, because it's a political risk. There's no expectation of them looking at prison growth as an incentive."

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Christian Leutenegger :

"There is no reason for dog owners to panic over the confirmation of these cases. Any dog that exhibits upper respiratory symptoms, such as a persistent cough or nasal discharge, should be routinely examined by a local veterinarian."

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Christa Carone :

"That was actually just a worst-case scenario we were required to put in (the filing). We have no reason to believe that will be the case."

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