Quotes of 'Reason'

Christopher Preuss :

"To us, there's a great opportunity to communicate our activities and issues at these conventions. That's part of the political process, and we have good reason to participate in that process, so we take advantage of these opportunities when we have them."

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Christopher Murray :

"The dynamics, in the sense of who he is and the fact that they haven't been able to get any momentum to oppose his nomination, isn't going to change simply because he's now being nominated for chief justice, ... I think that's the reason, quite frankly, why he was nominated for chief justice."

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Christopher Morris :

"Galveston was the biggest city in Texas and second to New Orleans as the most important port on the Gulf Coast, ... The city started rebuilding right away, but was unable to convince investors to invest in Galveston. Now, it's just a town for tourists. That hurricane is the reason that Houston is the biggest city in Texas now."

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Christopher Elliott :

"I still have yet to hear a good reason why people need to go to an online travel agent when they could go right to the source. This will definitely be a big change this year."

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Christopher Darden :

"We are the voices of calm and reason."

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Christopher Christie :

"for the legitimate reason of streamlining its trial presentation."

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Christopher Carosa :

"It's been a very eclectic market. You have to look at it company by company. There's really no overriding economic reason that would explain the performance."

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Christopher Bellew :

"The reason why we're seeing stronger numbers is this new storm coming in the Caribbean which could cause disruptions to the crude oil facilities in the Gulf of Mexico."

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Christine Seitz :

"Ours has much more to do with the Masonic theme. Mozart was really intrigued by the ideals of the Masons and wanting to have truth, virtue and reason be the model by which people live by."

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Christine Parker :

"But we suspect there are many more staying in the local community who haven't needed us for one reason or another."

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