Quotes of 'Skating'

Craig Buntin :

"It was a great day for Canadian pairs skating."

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Craig Buntin :

"It's an awesome day for pairs skating in Canada. To have a young team coming up (Dube/Davison) and do what they've done this week is incredible."

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Craig Buntin :

"We've been skating with them for years. It's so funny, because as big as they've gotten in the eyes of the audience and the skating world, they're still the same guys who run around and stick their tongues out as they go by."

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Clara Hughes :

"I love skating so much and I feel like every time I step out onto the ice, that's what I'm meant to do."

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Cindy Morrison :

"We are so pleased to see pillars of the community come out and support the park and all of these kids. Skating is a huge part of their lives, and to be able to show off a little bit is huge."

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Chuck Goodman :

"There are two indoor skating rinks in Polk County, and both of them are in Urbandale. Can we all agree that we don't need any more ice?"

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Christopher Walken :

"I was a little kid, 10 or 12, ... I remember exactly ... transistor radios had just happened. When transistor radios happened, that was huge. And everybody had this little thing. And I was on a bus ? I had been to the skating rink in Flushing [Queens, New York], near where I lived. And we were on the bus, and some kid had a transistor radio and it came over the radio. When 'Giant' came out, he was already gone. Yeah, that was a very big deal."

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Chris Witty :

"It feels good. Everybody has been skating well, and I wasn't real sure what was going to happen."

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Chris Witty :

"Everybody is skating well. I had to move my butt a little bit to make it."

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Chris Turley :

"It was nerves. As soon as they got the puck on the stick, they were trying to get rid of it instead of skating with it or trying to set up a play."

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