Quotes of 'Fast '

Cynthia Barboza :

"I would definitely agree that you grow up pretty fast when you're 16, ... watching how they deal with tough situations. When we're behind, how everyone stays calm and just keeps chipping away until we're back in the game."

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Cybill Shepherd :

"[If you're to believe either unflattering film, Martha isn't funny, witty or much of a pleasure to be around.] Behind Bars ... that if (Stewart) came in the room right now, I might make a fast exit."

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Curtiss Long :

"The key is judging how fast you should go the first half of the race. All world records now and throughout history at 10,000 meters and above are won off of negative splits. That's where you run slower in the first half than you do in the second half. The real key for the elite runner is to know, 'What is a negative split for me?' and to run them relatively close to even splits so, 'I am in control.' Once you reach a certain level of fatigue, there is no recovering from it in a distance race."

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Curtiss Long :

"We don't have a hard and fast rule. When we have something serious like this, we suspended him until we knew all of the information. You have to use good judgment and common sense."

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Curtis Myles :

"We're trying to cultivate these deals as fast as we can."

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Curtis Martin :

"He's definitely a must-have. I definitely think he makes our defense better. He has explosiveness and quickness almost like a running back coming off the line. He's as fast as I am."

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Curtis Johnson :

"He threw me an inside fast ball and I pulled it. At first, I thought it was just going to be a hit to the fence, but then it kept rising and went out."

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Curt Simmons :

"Trying to get a fast ball past Hank Aaron is like trying to get the sun past a rooster."

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Curt LeBlanc :

"Things like this aren't supposed to happen. It (life) goes fast and life isn't fair."

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Curt Dobbs :

"We try to get fast with our hands instead of fast with our feet, and that gets us in foul trouble. Then we're trying to defend them with all guards out there, it just wasn't going to work. I take full responsibility for this loss. I did not do a good job of preparing the girls for this game and the defense that we needed to run."

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