Quotes of 'Management'

Cyril McGuire :

"With over 15 years of executive management experience, Shaun Gray will bring a wealth of payments industry knowledge and business development experience which should provide the leadership and passion to drive the execution of the Company's growth strategy and market plans for our payments business."

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Cyril Del Callar :

"The NAPOCOR board and management is confident that we will be in the black and all other debts will be wiped out next year."

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Cynthia Sass :

"If you've picked up this book, it's probably because fad diets haven't worked for you or you're ready to let go of the quick fix. Instead of promising dramatic short-term results, the book provides lasting results by focusing on the big picture of lifelong weight management."

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Cynthia Saccocia :

"Often insurance companies buy applications on a silo-by-silo basis. They'll lack integration across processes or even similar systems. But we're now seeing the development of business process management philosophies or managing entire processes. That requires technologies to deal with the content that affects decisions along the process."

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Cynthia Rose :

"If this management can't make the company hum, someone else will,"

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Cynthia Lorenzo :

"We as an agency make management decisions based on the needs of the facility and the agency's best interest. It was decided that, all things considered, it was the appropriate action to move the center in a new direction."

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Cynthia Anderson :

"We're here because we want the board of trustees and ballet management to respond to their audience, their subscribers, their patrons and restore live music, Future Subscriber If There's Live Music."

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Curtis Chambers :

"The Expo focuses on designing a project and working with somebody. It's more of a contact management business than pure retail."

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Curt Hecker :

"Jim Burnett is ideally suited to lead the build-out of the Bank's expansion activities. Jim has a long track record of successfully managing large complex projects. His technical and project management expertise will enable the Bank to efficiently continue its expansion plans and appropriately utilize new technologies to enhance our customers banking experience."

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Craig Woolford :

"Coles Myer's supply chain will be a key focus for management over the next two to three years."

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