Quotes of 'Swim'

Curt Johnson :

"If we continue with the pathetic proposal for $20 million a year, it would take well over a century, well over 100 years, to get rivers back to where they are safe to swim in."

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Craig Stevens :

"This would have to be the toughest moment of my life, whether to swim an event at the Olympic Games or to look after one of your best mates."

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Craig Stevens :

"Straight away there was pressure to give away the spot. 'Are you going to swim it'?. "I don't like taking sleeping tablets but it got to the stage where I needed to rest for my 1500m."

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Craig Harris :

"Unless we swim really fast, it may not turn out too good. We're swimming in one of the fastest regions in the state and we're hoping to hang in there in the top two. If we come in with our game faces on and shaved down, we could have a chance to swing the meet. We've got a shot."

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Craig Harris :

"As long as the relays swim well, you have to feel we have a chance to swim as high as the top two at state."

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Courtney Cashion :

"I don't think we could have started the meet any better. I expected that we would swim pretty well, and then Lacey came out and saw a really fast leg. It feels amazing to win."

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Corey Rundle :

"My ankle is twice as strong, so I'm actually faster than I was before. My doctor gave me three exercises - slowly walk on the treadmill, ride the bike and swim. I did that two hours a day for three weeks."

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Connie Kalter :

"I thought I was just in higher water. I knew I wasn't in the road when I saw the duck swim by."

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Connie George :

"They knew the sharks were swimming at the top and they were trying to get them to swim deeper. It would be more stressful to the (remaining eight sharks) to take them out."

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Colin Shaha :

"Rarely will he say, 'I'm happy with that swim' because he has such high goals. And he won't stop until he meets them."

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