Quotes of 'Recruit'

Cynthia Guariglia :

"We want to encourage people to recruit new teams, bring awareness into the community, and raise funds for cancer research, advocacy, patient services, programs and education. We try to have fun with it and really get people into the relay spirit."

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Curt Newsome :

"Nobody has a better recruiting situation than I have. I get to recruit down there and stay at my mom's house."

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Craig Gibson :

"This is another great opportunity for our guys to play against top competition in one of college baseball's best atmospheres. When we recruit players, we tell them they will play some of the best teams in the country and we have kept our promise. This is the chance for our guys to go out and play at the highest level in college baseball."

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Craig Brodie :

"He definitely can play receiver. Coach Miles and them are pretty smart, so I don't think they would recruit someone for a position if they didn't think they could play it. Jared can do anything when he sets his mind to it. He's a playmaker."

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Colin Farrell :

"When we were kind of forced (by real life sniper murders in the Washington area that were too close to the film's plot) to pull the picture in October (from its Nov. 15 date), he wasn't nearly as big a star as he is today after 'Daredevil' and 'The Recruit.' He's become this hot guy."

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Cliff Wilson :

"In previous years we had to go out as a party and recruit candidates. This is the first year I can remember ... when candidates came to us."

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Clarence Thomas :

"There is some misunderstanding. We do not look any place. We do not recruit. We are passive. We look at what comes to us."

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Chuck Martin :

"Our number one goal is to always recruit Michigan first and we felt like we were able to get what we wanted from our home State. However, we were able to get into the Midwest a little more than in the past and bring in eight kids from bordering states."

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Chris Yetman :

"A lot of kids know about it and recognize what they do. We've been able to recruit some really good kids. It's a way to learn about things beyond the normal high school curriculum. It's also a way for the geeks of the world to get some recognition."

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Chris Watts :

"I called Greg in January, because usually you would have heard from VMI twice by then and I hadn't heard from them once. It turned out the guy on the old staff who used to recruit our school didn't leave any [players'] names behind."

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