Quotes of 'Past'

Cyrus Vance :

"In the past two decades, what is abnormal in the discourse among nations has been accepted as normal in US-Iran relations. Lack of diplomatic relations, often between countries at conflict, even at war, is the abnormality, not the norm."

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Cynthia Stead :

"Unlike some not so gracious winners in the past, she never had an enemies list. She never held it against someone that they had backed Rappaport, and she went out of her way to conciliate those people."

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Cynthia Miller :

"This event was really set up for the writing students at Pitt. The past winners are conducting student workshops that aren't for the public. We wanted to provide wide access to the writers for the students' sake."

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Cynthia Johnson :

"In the past two years, since so many burrito places have been opening up, people have been going there."

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Cynthia Diaz :

"The Grays have been very kind to my family and me over the past four years and I would not do anything to make them think otherwise. If anything, I went above and beyond to help them in the business and outside of that."

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Cy Young :

"Things have changed for me over the past couple of weeks, ... There's a big part of my heart that's missing now with my mother gone. I knew I pitched for her. I just didn't realize how much. You just look at things different."

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Curtis Sliwa :

"Frankly, some of the things I did in the past, I deserved that line of questioning."

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Curtis Gray :

"These things have happened in the past, and we've committed to put on a show for the fans. We have a job."

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Curt Simmons :

"Throwing a fastball by Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster."

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Curt Simmons :

"Trying to get a fast ball past Hank Aaron is like trying to get the sun past a rooster."

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