Quotes of 'Newspaper '

Cyriac Roeding :

"We'll never be successful until we think of this as a new medium. No one would think of putting a newspaper on television. Why would you just put television on a cell phone?"

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Cynthia Calvert :

"I think we have the best weekly newspaper in the Houston region. Our readers tell us over and over (although we never get tired of hearing it) that they love the Observer . We love it too!"

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Craig Wilson :

"You can say you're getting in a little too late when the newspaper is already at your door by the time you get to your room, ... Obviously, it's not the most beneficial situation. You'd like to get in at a decent hour and catch some decent sleep as opposed to getting in, sleeping and going to the park when you wake up."

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Craig Kornblau :

"If the music business grew by a billion dollars, if the paperback book business grew by a billion dollars, if the box office grew by a billion dollars -- that would make headlines in every newspaper in the country."

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Craig Dubow :

"In our newspaper segment we reported advertising gains at our U.S. community newspapers, particularly in classified employment and real estate while auto remained soft."

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Craig A. Dubow :

"We are absolutely delighted that Gannett has an executive with Sue's experience, management talents and leadership qualities ready to serve as president of our largest division. Sue has tremendous experience in every aspect of the newspaper business. She not only is a talented manager of very complex and far-flung operations, but she is a gifted strategist and visionary. Sue is an ideal executive to help lead Gannett into our new digital information age."

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Craig A. Dubow :

"Gary Watson was a success throughout his career in whatever role he served Gannett, from entry level reporter to publisher to president of our Newspaper Division. First and foremost, Gary has always had the heart of a journalist. He has been a strong leader, not only at Gannett, but also within the nation's newspaper industry. He was in large part responsible for many of the leading-edge strategic and tactical initiatives at Gannett during his time with us. Gary will be missed. We wish him all the best."

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Cory Ratai :

"In our locker room we had the newspaper article laminated and put up to help us remember what happened. We felt like we needed to pay them back."

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Connie Wilson :

"People spoil their children all the time. Nobody writes newspaper articles about it."

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Cody Knotts :

"So, I called Tim and said, 'You know, I think this is a mistake.' He called back with that response about what it was really about. So, I don't know. The newspaper might be a business you want to get the hell out of right now, because there seems to be quite a vendetta from what I'm hearing on the senior staff and everything else."

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