Quotes of 'Section'

Cynthia Calvert :

"Many?people?don't realize that we actually produce six different newspapers and the HCN (Houston Community Newspaper)-wide entertainment section Greater Houston Weekly in this office. That is an average of 150 pages each week! We do all that with just a handful of folks - who don't receive much in the way of money for their efforts."

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Cynthia Brown :

"Every section of this community has a way to celebrate Derby. For young black people, they cruise."

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Councilman Dave Kucherer :

"It goes against what our comprehensive plan promotes. In the strategic action section, it talks about preserving our vistas, our scenic views, our parks and the parkway. Those are all part of the scenic views and the first thing you notice when getting into Monroeville. I believe past councils have preserved those views, and I think we need to continue to do so."

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Costa Aguilar :

"We knew this game would have a playoff feel with Central Catholic being undefeated and all the section championships they've won."

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Corbin Johnston :

"There needs to be a concert like this. We have an extraordinary trombone section (in the Utah Symphony), and NOVA needs to feature sections, as well as individual players."

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Conrad Stoltz :

"It is really tough. It feels like there is an elephant on your back, you feel flat, your legs feel weak, you're really tired, you have a hard time breathing and it's painful. At this altitude everything is so much more painful. If you overextend yourself just a little bit, especially when you're in a technical section and you have to put out a lot of effort just to get over something, the moment you're over it you're in trouble and it takes a very long time to recover."

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Clint Gillespie :

"The most important thing for consumers is that they should always read their policies. Nobody does it but they should. Even in the all-risk policies there are places in the contract where the [company] will exclude certain coverage but they'll give it back to you in another section. There are always exclusions and exceptions to those exclusions."

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Cindy Jensen :

"We developed this new section on our site to help taxpayers more easily find answers to their tax questions. This time of year people are starting to feel the stress of the deadline and we hope that this additional information will make it a little easier for them."

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Chuck Wonsettler :

"I'm sure he won't be seeded any higher than fourth. Even though he's a three-time section champion, that doesn't matter. It's about what he did this year and he just didn't get to wrestle that much."

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Chuck Allen :

"The driver veered off the roadway edge where his motorcycle struck a section of guardrail causing an ejection,"

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