Quotes of 'Christianity'

Czeslaw Milosz :

"The masses in highly industrialized countries like England, the United States, or France are largely de-Christianized. Technology, and the way of life it produces, undermines Christianity far more effectively than do violent measures."

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Craig Gross :

"This whole religious rule book just needs to be burned, and we need to reinvent the rules. Otherwise, Christianity is going to fade away."

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Elton Williams :

"On a Monday, they have church and the teachers speak to us and tell us that Christianity is not a joke and the world is very challenging. They're close to me. If I'm having problems, I can come to them."

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Elton Trueblood :

"The world is equally shocked at hearing Christianity criticized and seeing it practiced."

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Ellen Blake :

"We wanted a place where people could come and work on their beliefs, their values within a Christian environment, but we didn't feel you should be so right-up front expecting people to walk in with the real standard Christianity."

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Edward Balawejder :

"It was not a good idea. It did not take into consideration the relations between Christianity and Judaism. I decided that there will be no performance because we must stick to the message of the museum, which is truth, memory, reconciliation."

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Elbert Hubbard :

"Christianity supplies a Hell for the people who disagree with you and a Heaven for your friends"

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David Hare :

"Strength was the virtue of paganism; obedience is the virtue of Christianity."

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David Hanshaw :

"Why should things have to change? People go after Christianity ... It's almost Christianity as a scourge."

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Charles V :

"A single friar who goes counter to all Christianity for a thousand years must be wrong."

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