Quotes of 'Tie'

Catriona Matthew :

"If you drive it well, you can set yourself up for short irons into the greens."

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Todd Snyder :

"The narrow tie has become the tie of choice. Ties haven't really changed in width for the last 10 years or so. Ties kind of went out with the casual Fridays. Now you're starting to see younger guys wearing ties, but they want something different."

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Dave Donatelli :

"You can grow this online without any disruption to your applications."

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Todd Messer :

"Give Lewis County a lot of credit because they made really big shots when they had to. We had our opportunities late to tie but we didn't get it done. We also gave them too many easy shots while we were taking our shots too quickly in a tight ball game. We need to play a lot better defensively and rebound the ball better."

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Todd Hansen :

"I think one of the big keys in the second half was that we never could get over the hump and get the lead. Had we taken the lead, we might have won it. But we never could get that key basket or key stop to even tie the score. They made the plays when they had to. They did time and time again in the fourth quarter"

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Casey Stengel :

"You can't go out to the mound, hobbling and take a pitcher out with a cane."

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Tina Sheppard :

"The learning communities tie academics to the student's living area so there's no separation between the two. It's a concept that more and more universities are adopting."

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Casey Durham :

"We were trapping and rotating, but sometimes we were a hair slow."

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Cary Kaplan :

"If you draw just from within your ethnicity, that's fine."

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Tim Zagat :

"Where it was once de rigueur to wear a tie in New York's finer establishments, that practice is now de rigor mortis."

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