Quotes of 'Food'

Cynthia Sass :

"Be sure to carefully read the ingredients listing, especially if you suffer from food allergies or are trying to cut down on your trans fat intake. While many food manufacturers began making changes to their labels in 2005, stores are not under any obligation to remove products from their shelves that were packaged prior to these rules."

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Cynthia Sass :

"Consumers can find out if there are any trans fats in an item by reading the ingredients. If shortening, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil are listed, the food still contains a small amount of trans fat."

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Cynthia Sass :

"Food tastes good, eating feels good, and most people will need to try several things before they find what will make them feel good as an alternative to eating."

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Cynthia Cole :

"We've been busy all afternoon since the snow started. Lots of people were buying milk, bread, drinks, cigarettes, beer, meats and other food items. It's always this way when the weather gets bad."

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Cynthia Carey :

"You can give them the right habitat and food, but they may need specific light or heat or moisture or group size, otherwise the female won't ovulate - and it can take years to study that."

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Customs Enforcement :

"Some are finally saying, 'I've had enough,' ... They're getting dehydrated. They are running out of food. There are human remains in different houses. The smells mess with your psyche."

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Curtis Green :

"They're not organized. Nobody has any plans. We're depending upon them for food, water and shelter. Who's in charge?"

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Curt Young :

"The fact Rich has been sick (with food poisoning) the last few days and lost a little weight, well, we've got time. This won't hurt him."

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Curt Johnston :

"You can't stop eating just because you take medicine. You have to do both, and I think we have the ability to have both food and medicine."

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Craig Young :

"The share price might benefit from that. In the past, Coles Myer has not got any benefit in having both food and nonfood businesses under one umbrella."

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