Quotes of 'Fans'

Cyndi Valentin :

"Their fans were really tough. It was a tough environment to play in."

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Cyndi Sharp :

"We had a couple of friends with us when the event began. As the night went on, we got excited and began to adopt more fans all around us."

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Cy Young :

"My heart will always be with the Boston fans. I hope that everyone who truly loves me will still support me now that I won't be with the Red Sox,"

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Curtis Joseph :

"It's a Catch-22. You want to show the fans what it's going to be like, but obviously they're going to get used to it during the regular season. Hindsight is 20-20."

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Curtis Higgins :

"The same teams return for next season. We've had tremendous support from the fans and Integra Bank and our other sponsors."

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Curtis Gray :

"These things have happened in the past, and we've committed to put on a show for the fans. We have a job."

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Curtis Adams :

"Magic has not appealed to a younger market for a long time. What I'm trying to do is to appeal to the younger fans, as well as the older ones."

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Curt Gowdy :

"It wasn't like it is now. But for the types of teams we had, the fans were very good here. On some Thursday afternoon games, we'd get 25,000 fans. That was remarkable. This has always been a great Red Sox city."

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Cruz Pedregon :

"Las Vegas is kind of like a home track for me because it's near California, where I live. Although we haven't won there yet, I always look forward to going back to Las Vegas. It's a newer race on the circuit (NHRA first competed at The Strip in 2000, the year the track was completed), and it's a first class facility. I always try to encourage fans and our sponsors to go there -- I like showing it off."

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Craig Waibel :

"The experience that night was fantastic. I think that's where most of my enthusiasm comes from. It was an amazing atmosphere that they created there. We had the benefit of having the L.A. Galaxy against one of the bigger Mexican teams, so there was a large Hispanic crowd, but the point there is they are passionate about soccer. The fans are there; I know they are there because I've seen it."

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