Quotes of 'Patient '

Cynthia Williams :

"It gives them an opportunity to explore all aspects of the medical field so they can make an informed decision. There are visits to hospitals, clinical settings, research labs, public health agencies and medical schools. They find out what goes on with patient care, equipment and technology."

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Cynthia Guariglia :

"We want to encourage people to recruit new teams, bring awareness into the community, and raise funds for cancer research, advocacy, patient services, programs and education. We try to have fun with it and really get people into the relay spirit."

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Cynthia Epstein :

"This identifies the caregiver as a recipient of care and essentially as much of a patient as the frail elder. That makes perfect sense. The physician doesn't have the resources, the connections. If there was a clear referral path, they would be willing to do it."

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Cynthia Epstein :

"Clearly, more and more families are providing care to people at home and are in tremendous need of additional support. This report looks at the major issues, which are looking at the family caregiver as well as the patient as both in need of care."

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Cynthia Cowie :

"All these people will have input into caring for the patient."

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Curt Young :

"I think we've got to be as patient as we can be. When he can whip his arm correctly and with full speed, he'll be ready. But I think it'll be a pretty slow process."

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Crystal Clinkenbeard :

"We're very concerned that under this initiative, a doctor could be convicted of a felony for acting in the best interests of her patient."

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Craig Lauger :

"The girls hit the ball well and were patient at the plate. They swung at the pitches they could hit."

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Craig Hollingsworth :

"In the long run, everything will be fine. Most customers have been patient about it. A lot of customers are starting to appreciate a custom-made surfboard."

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Craig Bertelsen :

"The primary focus of McKenzie is empowering the patient. We're tying to take ourselves out of the equation."

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