Quotes of 'Paint '

Connor Barwin :

"When I went in, my guy was sitting in the paint. He wasn't even guarding me. That's the most disrespect I've seen on a basketball court."

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Connie Schlittenhardt :

"One family must have taken tons of time. They suspended an egg inside a paint can and soldered the lid shut."

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Connie Gens :

"The paintings were completed before he became a resident here in May of last year. He no longer has any desire to paint, but he has done a lot of pencil drawings."

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Colby Omner :

"The least they could have done is have the decency to let us paint Tulane in the end zone."

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Cleo Moore :

"I like to paint nudes mostly."

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Cleo Moore :

"Mostly, though, I like to paint."

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Claude Monet :

"I would advise young artists . . . to paint as they can, as long as they can, without being afraid of painting badly . . . . If their painting doesn't improve by itself, it means that nothing can be done - and I wouldn't do anything!"

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Clark Williams :

"When I saw that yellow vase, I just knew that I had to paint it."

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Chuck Close :

"Very few people have written about what a work really looks like, especially once there were photographic reproductions of works and so they felt that the photograph would carry the information, and, of course, it does a piss poor job of letting someone know of the scale of the work and of the physicality and how thick the paint was and what the touch was."

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Christy Setzer :

"Their strategy has been to clearly paint a rosy picture of the city and do their underhanded fighting outside the paid media."

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