Quotes of 'Computer'

Curtis Cooper :

"The president is even running it on his computer. This program is really CPU intensive and most of the people using their computers aren't using the CPU. They are using the Internet or [Microsoft] Word, which doesn't use too much of the CPU."

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Craig Thompson :

"I would love for them to be the first, but I'm for anybody. If you play a good schedule, as determined both by the opinion pollsters and the computer polls, and you go undefeated, you should have a chance to play at the highest level."

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Craig Russell :

"This is really just in addition to the service that we already offer online. People want to shop online but may not have a computer and find that the cost of getting one can be quite prohibitive. Therefore we are trying to provide access to the service over things like the Pocket PC and digital TV."

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Craig Quigley :

"We've been watching with great interest. We need to be aware of potential hacking into the DOD computer system and be able to defend against some of those attacks."

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Craig McLaughlin :

"We know we don't count all animals but the counts are good indicators. We also use computer models based on information collected during the hunting season."

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Craig Marks :

"Otherwise, you're sitting there on your computer saying 'gee, we're down, I guess we can't do anything'."

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Craig Barrett :

"As we aggressively drive improved visual computing capabilities to the personal computer, graphics solutions are an increasingly important part of mobile PC platforms."

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Coco Johnsen :

"It's a lot of leg work. It's very, very difficult. I was with five foster families before the orphanage, and back then, everything was on paper. Social Services lost my information since everything is on computer now."

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Clinton Morrison :

"Clearly there have been some very strong performances in the computer technology stocks. This is an area that's growing rapidly, and there's a lot of excitement in the market."

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Clifford Stoll :

"Why is it drug addicts and computer aficionados are both called users?"

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