Quotes of 'Quality'

Cynthia Rice :

"When teachers continue to leave because they're not treated the same way, then the quality is affected. And in the long run, the kids are affected."

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Curtis Eccles :

"We had a great first quarter against a quality team. We need to do our job and beat La Center and Stevenson, and Castle Rock has to lose its final two games for us to have a chance at the postseason."

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Curt Marvis :

"We've been very pleased with the features and functionality offered by Nine Systems' newly launched Ad Serving solution. Our customer base responded very positively to the Ad Serving service and content provided by Nine Systems, especially to the highest quality of audio and video content offerings."

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Curt Grottenthaler :

"We can be proud of the way we played. They are a quality team, but they got lucky today. I think it was circumstances other than the players that determined the outcome of the game."

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Curt Furberg :

"Taking steps to reduce drug costs doesn't have to hamper drug development, as drug makers claim. Adapting policies and tools already in widespread use around the world could produce major savings for U.S. consumers without compromising the quality of medical care."

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Cuonzo Martin :

"He means a lot to this program. He's a quality, good guy and he's the kind of guy that leads by example, by doing things the right way. He loves the program, he understands what it's about."

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Crystal Blaisdell :

"That's a championship quality team and we hung with them - gave them a game. We hung tough and that's what we need to do."

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Craig Nicholson :

"The first game, (Phoenix) had all the chances and didn't take advantage, and we got the clutch hits. It's good to play tight games, and obviously it's better to win them, but it's tough to beat a quality team when you give up that many chances."

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Craig Nicholas :

"He's good enough that he kept it close, and sooner or later you knew the guys would wake up. It was nice because we beat a quality team."

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Craig McQuate :

"He had just fired the director of worldwide quality. And he told me to take over the quality function, too."

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