Quotes of 'Dinner'

Cynthia Steffe :

"[14. Develop a velvet crush.] Some of the velvets (in our fall collection) were very, very lightweight and seasonless, ... and could be worn in a casual way with jeans. And wearing it over a little sundress could be darling. Some of the velvets were strapless or sleeveless, and those could be worn out to dinner. It just depends on how it's layered or not."

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Cynthia Graubart :

"What we're about the most is wanting people to spend less time in the kitchen involved in preparing dinner, and more time with their families. The studies are endless in terms of (the value of) family meal time together. Thinking about dinner and preparing dinner does take time. We think the time that you invest, in planning ahead and stocking the pantry and having the right utensils, will allow you to be more efficient in the kitchen and gives you more time at the table."

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Cynthia Graubart :

"I feel like we wrote a road map or a handbook to help them navigate this particularly challenging time in the kitchen. If you can create a habit of this preparing and planning, this is going to cut a lot of stress out of your life. If you can take the stress out of the equation by having a plan, you're going to change how you feel about the dinner plan."

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Cyndy Teas :

"It was a dream vacation for us and it was the first time that we had been there. The men had golf lessons, we had a spa and a private dinner was set aside for Paul and I."

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Cy Ullmer :

"My daughter told me I should take her out to dinner. So we had coffee at McDonald's."

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Craig Sarazin :

"There is no way to determine how a black hole was created or what kinds of things it has swallowed just by looking at the resulting black hole. You have to catch the black hole when it is sitting down to dinner or still eating."

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Craig Davis :

"There is an unsaid promise to protect their families while they protect our freedom serving abroad. Inviting the veterans to dinner at our home is the least we can do to pay tribute."

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Corey Woods :

"I got involved in this because being raised in a certain kind of family gets you involved in political action early. I thought it was normal to have parents talk about social issues and politics and economics for two hours at the dinner table."

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Colleen Stogsdill :

"The trucks back then didn't have sleepers on them and they would stop here, eat dinner, sleep in one of the cabins and then eat breakfast the next morning. When I-5 opened the truckers weren't coming by as much."

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Colette Hill :

"We never set out to make a dinner theater."

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