Quotes of 'World'

Cowboy Troy :

"He's been a good ambassador for country music for people around the world,"

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Courtney Riepenoff :

"It's hard to tell. In the world of women's hockey, there's only a couple of teams that are competitive."

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Courtney Love :

"I want every girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming"

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Courtney Brown :

"(The parish) stands to benefit and must be positioning itself to take up the opportunity accruing from the potential that will come with the island hosting its share of the World Cup events."

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Courteney Cox :

"I think I look very healthy. You've already seen what I've eaten, so I couldn't be anorexic, and I wouldn't throw up if you paid me $1,000, so I'm not bulimic. Okay, for $1,000 I would stick my finger down my throat, but throwing up is the worst thing in the world."

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County Administrator Richard Wesch :

"There is a world of difference between Hernando and Citrus (jails)."

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Count Oxenstierna :

"Thou dost not know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed"

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Councilman David Druker :

"It's just a holiday gift to the residents and to all the visitors from throughout the world."

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Coun Tilsley :

"The attitude in the past has been to increase taxes away above inflation and tell people to take it or leave it. We have to get back into the real world."

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Costas Karamanlis :

"I want to stress that Greece, since last night, is on the lips of everyone in the world who follows this mass and magical sport called football,"

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