Quotes of 'World'

Cynthia Benson :

"The theory is it's more of a 'me' generation, while the World War II generation didn't have the 'what's in it for me' mentality. Or maybe it's just unawareness because they have lived in their own world for so long and don't see the needs that are out there."

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Cynde Frankel :

"Our volunteers are the most incredible people in the world. They give freely of their time and energy. But we don't have enough volunteers to keep up with it."

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Curtiss Long :

"The key is judging how fast you should go the first half of the race. All world records now and throughout history at 10,000 meters and above are won off of negative splits. That's where you run slower in the first half than you do in the second half. The real key for the elite runner is to know, 'What is a negative split for me?' and to run them relatively close to even splits so, 'I am in control.' Once you reach a certain level of fatigue, there is no recovering from it in a distance race."

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Curtis White :

"Anyone can be a teacher or professor, but not everyone can influence you to strive for excellence and make a difference in the world around you."

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Curtis Painter :

"He's a tall kid, he's got speed and he's got good hands. He's got all the potential in the world."

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Curtis Dennis :

"This is the best feeling I've ever had. It's the first time we've done this and it's the first time the school has ever done anything like this. This is the best feeling in the world right now."

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Curtis Carter :

"Thompson was involved in the world of jazz. Jazz musicians were interested in his work, and he in theirs."

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Curtis Allen :

"The problem is that people don't see these diseases and think they no longer exist. These viruses and diseases are still circulating around the world and are just a plane ride away, and they will return if we don't keep our vaccination rates up."

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Curt Morris :

"We are excited. I never had any doubts, but in the real estate world, things can always go haywire."

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Curt Johnson :

"He is a world class athlete who has worked hard in his five seasons as a professional to refine his game and to become an elite player."

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