Quotes of 'Facility'

Cynthia Lorenzo :

"We as an agency make management decisions based on the needs of the facility and the agency's best interest. It was decided that, all things considered, it was the appropriate action to move the center in a new direction."

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Curtiss Long :

"The university is pretty land-locked. Finding a spot on campus puts everyone in a compromising position, but we want an on-campus facility."

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Curt Nichols :

"That facility, when it is fully built out is going to take $1.5 billion in investments, and the lion's share of that is going to happen this year."

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Curt Hecker :

"We appreciate the concerns for adequate downtown parking. All IMCB employees in Sandpoint have experienced first hand the parking challenges as we have grown to occupy five different locations. Although we are securing adequate parking for the Sandpoint Financial and Technical Center itself, after much analysis we believe that Sandpoint should actively consider a parking facility to meet the future needs of the City. Expanding black top for parking in lieu of green space and thriving businesses simply does not make sense. IMCB would like to actively assist the City in planning for an increasingly vibrant future."

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Cruz Pedregon :

"Las Vegas is kind of like a home track for me because it's near California, where I live. Although we haven't won there yet, I always look forward to going back to Las Vegas. It's a newer race on the circuit (NHRA first competed at The Strip in 2000, the year the track was completed), and it's a first class facility. I always try to encourage fans and our sponsors to go there -- I like showing it off."

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Craig Quintana :

"Improving a two and three land road to a better three lane road doesn't get you that big capacity improvement. The conclusion is we need a five lane facility and that's what we're going to build."

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Craig Newell :

"It's such a showcase facility that other government agencies are looking to come into our environment."

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Craig Bennett :

"The new site was worth the investment because the region is now equipped with a state-of-the-art facility, broad warehouse stock, and bays ready to service the local industry. This expansion reflects the ongoing commitment to customer service by Utility's dealers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico."

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Craig Bennett :

"The investment by Craftsmen into their new facility is a testament to their dedication to their trailer customers' needs. This expansion is a strong statement of their ongoing commitment to providing high quality products and services to the trucking industry. It is also a demonstration of the ongoing commitment on behalf of our dealers to anticipate the growing needs of Utility customers."

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Coral Conner :

"That is a day care facility that has a religious exemption, so our department does not investigate them."

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