Quotes of 'Hospitals'

Dave Durbin :

"Paul brings an extensive background and proven track record in hospitality management to the Hilton Garden Inn Detroit. We welcome his enthusiasm, knowledge of Detroit and the surrounding markets, as well as his expertise in financial management and strategic planning. This new downtown hotel has been embraced by business and leisure clients alike, and we know Paul will continue to provide excellence in service."

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Cathy Schoen :

"The distinct majority [60 percent] said errors had occurred outside the hospital. In all countries, mistakes were more likely in patients who said they saw four or more physicians, signaling a failure to communicate across sites of care."

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Cathy Riddle :

"We definitely want the hospital here in Stafford for our citizens."

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Cathy Parsons :

"[The report] shows that 2,032 medication errors associated with radiology procedures were voluntarily reported by 315 hospitals and clinics during the five-year period from 2000 to 2004. This number averages approximately 406 errors per year. Viewed in the context of the hundreds of millions of radiology examinations performed in the United States each year, the number of reported errors is small."

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Todd Sandman :

"We certainly think that patients and consumers will continue to expect hospitals and health care systems to publish their outcomes so (they) can make better decisions."

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Cathy Keefe :

"Whether you were a greeter at Wal-Mart or a sales manager or bookkeeper in another industry, these are skills that can transfer easily to the hospitality industry."

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Cathy Bowers :

"A number of Atlanta hospitals, including Gwinnett Medical Center, Crawford-Long and Emory, have already implemented (smoking bans), and we've spoken with them about how they did it."

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Cathy Andreen :

"The worker is being treated at the hospital for non-life threatening injuries."

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Catherine Kelly :

"MedOne is part of the Roman Catholic identity of St. Joseph Hospital, so when you speak about a church, you can define it in many ways, ... A church can be a building, and it can also be an organization of ministries that provide for the spiritual well-being of people ... for me the whole sense of 'church' is much broader than the four walls in which you go to worship."

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Catharine Conley :

"Transit is the tough one. You could argue that something could survive tens of thousands of years of space travel, but the chances it eventually will hit something hospitable are really minimal."

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