Quotes of 'Hospitals'

Brian Davis :

"We really just want to focus our efforts on getting our hospital in Plainfield."

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Chan Gailey :

"He was very mobile after lying in the hospital for two days. His body has got to get back into it."

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Brian Brown :

"The insurer wants to keep the cost down. It will try to stop the hospital performing unnecessary tests just to inflate the bill and will weigh up the relative merits of having all the treatment carried out on the spot or bringing you home in an air ambulance to be treated on the NHS."

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Chad Chadwick :

"It has already been calculated in the projections. It's a difficult time for nurses, some may be leaving hospital. People are uncertain."

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CEO Anne Saile :

"Our founder was a woman of great vision who knew early on that women are not small men and shouldn't be treated as such. Her goal was to make the hospital as homelike as possible, and we continue to adhere to her vision today by treating each patient like they're family."

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CEO Anne Saile :

"I can't fathom anyone talking about what great care their hospital provides unless they walk the halls. Families (at the hospital) see me all of the time because I think it's crucial to be in touch with the quality of care we deliver."

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Celso Cenise :

"The patient is not out of hospital yet, but he's not dying. This black cloud is dispersing a bit. A couple of heads should roll, but most likely not very important."

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Cecilia Carroll :

"A lot of people donate their miles. The Rotary only pays for hospitalization, the operation and medication. That's why my organization has to raise money for the other things."

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Dave Foreman :

"We don't have the eyesore to deal with the hospital does."

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Dave Eckstein :

"People at the hospital said they've seen quite a lot of it. Apparently, there's a lot of the bacteria around. Athletes get breaks in their skin and are more susceptible to it."

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