Quotes of 'Hospitals'

Wayne Fairchild :

"The new contract would keep us competitive for a couple of years, but other hospitals will move ahead of us. Our challenges are to maintain stability and competitiveness in the marketplace."

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Walter Willett :

"People should be able to assume that hospitals are serving them the healthiest food possible. In this case, their trust has clearly been betrayed"

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Walter Lambert :

"This instrument will greatly minimize the transfer of urine containers, effectively increasing test accuracy and eliminating many of the problems associated with urine collection and transport. The portability of this device will also permit point-of-care testing in hospitals, and will enable healthcare professionals to transmit test data to mainline computers either through internal information systems or via e-mail."

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Waco CEO Royden Vice :

"There is infrastructure spending in SA on roads, hospitals and housing. In Australia there is demand for resources, infrastructure and nonresidential. In the UK, government spending has increased on education and health care. These are all good indicators for Waco."

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Xing Xiaoying :

"It's too costly for me to give birth in other hospitals, which would charge at least some 3,000 yuan."

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Zhu Youli :

"I hope the government can keep its word and we don't have to leave hospitals because we can't afford the medical charges"

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Zhong Nanshan :

"At this point, people will be very alert in all the hospitals and we have been training the doctors in all the hospitals talking about this. Now, people are very alert if these kind of symptoms are being reported."

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Zhang Mao :

"We've appointed ombudsmen to check implementation of these measures in various hospitals"

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Zach Hall :

"Those hospitals in the vanguard, who have organized to provide that kind of coordinated treatment, are able to bring patients in and treat them very quickly, ... But more hospitals and physicians and patients are not organized in that way."

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