Quotes of 'Hospitals'

Bob Goldstein :

"It is vital to be taken to a hospital with the facilities and trained staff to treat stroke patients."

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Bob Gilbert :

"That's a big shift for the marketplace. The cornerstone is the connection back to the hospitals. It really makes this a lot different than some of the other models out there."

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Bob Gibson :

"The unit at the University Hospital of North Tees has had pounds 10m spent on refurbishment over the last few years and to try and replicate this anywhere else would be absolute madness."

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Bob Garcia :

"He was at his brother's house and was just playing with the dog, wrestling around with him. The dog went after him and bit him in the face. He's at the hospital now getting stitched up."

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Terry Winters :

"Then we begin to look at our critical infrastructure along the South Shore. Hospitals, nursing homes ... Where are we going to put them for the duration?"

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Bob Davie :

"If [first-year Irish coach] Charlie Weis gives a clinic, I'm going. I'm on the bandwagon now."

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Bob Cook :

"Other people took calls for us. Both hospitals were just great to let us go so quickly."

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Bob Condron :

"He was brought to the hospital for further observation and to see what next steps might be taken."

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Bob Cameron :

"They told me they ran out of volunteers. That means a couple hundred disabled veterans are stranded here with no way to get to the hospital for treatment."

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Bob Brown :

"The results speak for themselves. The citizens of the state of Utah understand that private clubs and taverns are different from hospitals and office buildings."

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