Quotes of 'School'

Cynthia Veleno :

"It was always a dream of mine. When I was in high school I used to write poems for my friends. And they would give them to their girlfriends or their boyfriends. I struggled through school, but through all the rough times I went through, I would write ? write letters to God and tell him about all my sad days and stuff. That's how I began writing. Then I turned to poetry."

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Cynthia Lowery :

"You're talking about neighborhood schools on one hand and about pulling out two of our neighborhood schools ... on the other. That's why we want to keep a neighborhood school in Turtle Creek."

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Cynthia Long :

"I may have two in the tub at a time. The little ones get in together. But the other ones take a shower because the have to get up at six in the morning to get ready for school."

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Cynthia Jeanguenat :

"Mom and Dad cut a check to the school for the cost for the whole semester [but] some of those expenses may not qualify."

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Cynthia Harris :

"Some districts have already started school, and also the record-high gas prices ... have sort of affected travel for this holiday weekend."

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Cynthia Harris :

"They did it out in the public in the school where other kids came around. She (Rakesha) said they were laughing."

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Curtis Sumpter :

"It was like seeing the old Jason. It was like the Jason from high school. You had to feel good for him."

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Curtis Remington :

"I was a senior in high school at the time. Everybody was playing the Beatles; everybody liked the music."

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Curtis Pulley :

"Alfonso plays with a lot of will and determination. He's a guy who wasn't even playing all that much in high school until another guy got hurt. Now I've gotten a chance to see how badly he wants it."

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Curtis Johnson :

"There are many benefits of being (at CCSU). It gives them an opportunity to see what a college campus is like. It prepares them to think of an educational future beyond high school and what they should be doing now to get there."

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