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Cynthia Veleno :

"It was always a dream of mine. When I was in high school I used to write poems for my friends. And they would give them to their girlfriends or their boyfriends. I struggled through school, but through all the rough times I went through, I would write ? write letters to God and tell him about all my sad days and stuff. That's how I began writing. Then I turned to poetry."

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Cynthia Harriman :

"Even when we want a treat, we're finding we can get a decadent taste with whole grains. It used to be that whole grains were sort of like your everyday clothes, and when you wanted something dressed up, you'd go back to the fancy stuff."

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Cynthia Harriman :

"To be utterly honest, a decade ago we were all putting out stuff that tasted like cardboard. Overall, the industry has improved."

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Cyndi Holm :

"The glass is not the kind to break easily. It's the same stuff that we have in the library. [The windows] make it look light and airy."

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Cybill Shepherd :

"I would very much like to go on her talk show. Maybe not a cooking show. She's got all the hot grease and stuff."

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Cuttino Mobley :

"I was trying to work my way in, not trying to do too much crazy stuff,"

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Curtis Granderson :

"We were starting to talk about where are we going to live in Detroit, how we need to pack this stuff up -- almost as if we were both going to do this. That part definitely adds to the disappointment."

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Curtis Deloatch :

"We all know how things work: he's a second-round draft pick, so people want to see him play, ... He will get some playing time or he will start, you never know. I just take it a day at a time. I don't look at it as a disadvantage or an advantage. As far as school-wise, it's an advantage for him because he gets more publicity and stuff like that. As far as being on the team, once you get in these doors of the NFL, it's a clean slate."

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Curtis Brown :

"He's always doing stuff like that in practice. I knew he was going to get the ball to me. He told me when we were in the huddle that he was going to hit me."

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Curt Young :

"He's shown he's ready to among the elite starting pitchers. His stuff is there. He is definitely going to be one of the leaders of this staff for the next few years."

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