Quotes of 'Heaven'

Craig Sarner :

"It's hard. I mean, you think about him every day, and thank heaven, in fact, Brian e-mailed me today."

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Cornelia Merchant :

"Icons are our windows into the Kingdom of Heaven, transporting us beyond our brokenness and helping us focus on praying to God for enlightenment and for glorifying God."

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Colm Murphy :

"I think they're a match made in heaven."

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Clint Eastwood :

"They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning."

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Cliff Landry :

"He watched Benny Hill all the time. All day long I'd come over and he would be playing Benny Hill and now he has a chance to meet him in heaven."

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Clarke Maughan :

"We have a unique chapel with good acoustics. When you get a choir in here, it's like the sound is coming out of heaven."

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Clarissa Pinkola Estes :

"Refuse to fall down. If you cannot refuse to fall down, refuse to stay down, lift your heart toward heaven like a hungry beggar, ask that it be filled and it will be filled. You may be pushed down. You may be kept from rising. But no one can keep you from lifting your heart toward heaven-only you. It is in the middle of misery that so much becomes clear. The one who says nothing good came of this is not yet listening."

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Cindy Sheehan :

"I know that they are in heaven, ... and I know that that's why this movement is growing because we have tens of thousands of angels behind us that are supporting us, that are saying, 'Well, you know we died and that was really crappy, but we hope that our deaths are going to make the world a better place,' and it's up to us to make sure that it does."

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Cindy Miller :

"I am so excited my daddy's art will finally be shown in a museum. I believe he orchestrated this from heaven. He's like Elvis Presley; people won't let my daddy die. Interest in his art seems to be stronger than ever. I know he lives through all those pieces he created."

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Christopher Marlowe :

"When all the world dissolves, / And every creature shall be purified, / All place shall be hell that is not heaven."

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