Quotes of 'Performance'

Cynthia Lorenzo :

"In the event that we successfully negotiate a contract, we will monitor their performance, as we do all programs."

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Curtis Jerrells :

"They have so many weapons at each position. We knew (Aldridge and Tucker) were unpleasant with their performance the last game. They had something to prove. They came out and played their tails off."

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Curtis Jerrells :

"They've got so many weapons at each position. Last game, Daniel Gibson hit us for 37 points and the inside guys were probably upset with their performance. We knew the big guys would probably have something to prove in this game, and we were right."

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Curtis Carter :

"As with jazz, every performance is new and fresh. When it's in a museum setting, it automatically gives it a new context."

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Curt Grottenthaler :

"As a team, it was a real good, solid performance to start the season out. It's good to get on the positive side of things in the first game and start getting a little confidence."

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Cullen Hightower :

"When performance exceeds ambition, the overlap is called success"

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Craig Sullivan :

"If the arrow is pointing up and the light is green, performance is good. If the light is yellow and the arrow points down, it's time to pay closer attention."

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Craig Stinnett :

"Everyone came looking to contribute. It was a solid performance all-around."

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Craig Oren :

"Gary had a real good second day [of wrestling] and improved on last year's performance. He has accomplished a lot in just two years of wrestling."

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Craig Nicholas :

"He kept the ball down, and he kept them guessing. That was as an outstanding performance as we've had this year."

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