Quotes of 'Leadership'

Cyril McGuire :

"With over 15 years of executive management experience, Shaun Gray will bring a wealth of payments industry knowledge and business development experience which should provide the leadership and passion to drive the execution of the Company's growth strategy and market plans for our payments business."

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Cynthia McKinney :

"This is a time for leadership and judgment that is not compromised in any fashion. This is a time for transparency and a thorough investigation."

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Cynthia Brust :

"The Episcopal Church has been hijacked by the revisionist leadership."

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Curtis Sanford :

"Like Dougie (Weight) says, it's learning to win again. It's doing the little things that it takes to win, tonight was a prime example of that. The last two games were good examples of a lot of the leadership and a lot of the character in the room."

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Curtis Brown :

"We will play hard for a series and then somebody decides to back down. The coaches yell at us when this happens, but there has to come a time when we as players take care of this ourselves because of the leadership from among ourselves."

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Craig White :

"I challenged them in that timeout. We were looking for energy and leadership out of our team, and we wanted them to have fun."

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Craig Stahl :

"I've been on the third line my whole career. Our job is to crash and bang and get the odd goal now and then. A lot of times leadership comes from the third-line guys."

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Craig Shaeffer :

"Our seniors, Hilary and Olivia, gave us a lot of leadership. A coach can try all he can to help his kids, but it comes to a point when leadership has to take over. They kept their heads up when earlier in the year they may have gotten down."

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Craig Parker :

"We certainly miss Lee in many ways. He's been involved with (the team) for four years. He has played a prominent role in our state championship success. We miss his leadership."

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Craig Mundie :

"We are choosing to invest in health now for a variety of reasons. Advances in technology hold huge promise for changing people's lives globally -- both those who are sick and those who are well. Peter Neupert brings a mix of business leadership and expertise in the health field to guide Microsoft's work in this area."

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