Quotes of 'Men'

Cindy Chu :

"Chinese men feel their role is to be more authoritarian,"

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Cindy Adams :

"Success has made failures of many men."

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Cillian Murphy :

"I take my hat off to the ladies. The amount of grooming--plucking and shaving and all the other things men never have to do. I went down and spent time with transvestites in London in the clubs and all that. Got an insight to that world, and it's a mad world, but they are very warm and very open people. It was a great experience."

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Cicily Maton :

"Men almost always wind up in a better situation after divorce. Women wind up in a worse situation."

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Chuck Thomas :

"The military can't prepare their soldiers for what these men went through. This was a death march, but so many of our men survived. But when they made it through the horrors of that horrible march, they were placed in death camps."

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Chuck Tanner :

"I don't think a manager should be judged by whether he wins the pennant, but by whether he gets the most out of the twenty-five men he's been given."

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Chuck Smith :

"This is one way that we can show our support for the men and women who work so hard to protect our communities. We are happy to demonstrate our appreciation for their outstanding work."

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Chuck Saxton :

"These are men that are willing to do work that I can't find anywhere else."

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Chuck Norris :

"Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth."

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Chuck Kearney :

"This is what it is all about for these two young men, this is what they have wrestled their whole lives for. This is wrestling?s March Madness, Joey and Shane are both physically and psychologically ready."

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