Quotes of 'Men'

Craig Lambinon :

"We located the boat at St Helena but the two men who were aboard are nowhere to be found. The search is continuing."

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Craig Herrick :

"BOJ is only possible because of the community. How in the world can you get 100 men to volunteer all their time and work nonstop?"

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Craig Counsell :

"Javy did his job tonight, the bullpen did their job tonight. We couldn't get the hit with men in scoring position."

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Craig Bohl :

"We certainly are excited about entrusting our defense to two capable men. This last year we've really shown great strides in our defense so we felt it was really important we stay within the same system."

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Craig Biggio :

"We were two, tired old men walking out there, holding each other up, letting the kids celebrate. I went to the training room and passed out."

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Courtney Fortson :

"We were really focused on them not driving to the hole. I credit our big men for stepping up and taking charges."

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Courtney Cunningham :

"We picked this date because both the men and women play. Plus it's only a two hour bus ride."

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Countess of (Marguerite Gardiner) Blessington :

"Prejudices are the chains forged by ignorance to keep men apart."

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Cotton Mather :

"The Spirit of Slumber which the Poison of the old Serpent has brought upon the children of Men is to be deplored exceedingly."

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Cory Simons :

"Fishers of fish and fishers of men."

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