Quotes of 'Men'

Cynthia Ogden :

"Basically, men are catching up to women."

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Curtis Sliwa :

"What we do best is we target the young men and women who are on the fringe. They could go either way. Maybe they have been in trouble before, but not serious trouble. ... We cherry-pick them and circumvent them away from the gang members and drug dealers ... (and encourage) them to hang out with us and become a Guardian Angel."

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Curtis Martin :

"Losing two quarterbacks is a big deal because the defense will play you totally different. They say they'll put too many men in the box, so you're not going to run, you'll have to beat us passing. It's hard, and we're playing great defenses."

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Curt Weldon :

"It's not just the cost involved, ... But the potential impact to men and women in uniform is impossible to calculate .... There should be some type of punitive action taken."

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Craig Marks :

"There's no way around it. Over here, if you want to sell a lot of records, you have to go to local radio stations in Dayton, Ohio, and shake the hands of men with satin jackets."

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Craig Jones :

"One of the nice things about this team is we have good depth. We have a lot of guys who can play a variety of positions. We have a lot of young men who are willing to step out of their comfort zone."

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Cory Withrow :

"We're playing in front of our fans. We're playing an NFC opponent. The playoff thing, it hurts, but we're all grown men and we've got to go out and play the game that we love to play and get paid to do."

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Conrad Burns :

"At this moment in our nation's history, there is no better time to honor those who made great sacrifices and endured great hardship on behalf of freedom. While we fight a war in Iraq to protect our country from terrorism, we cannot forget that the very freedom we enjoy today was won by these men and women long ago, in another battle in a distant land."

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Connie Mack :

"As one of nine men, DiMaggio is the best player that ever lived."

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Confucius :

"Only the wisest and the stupidest of men never change."

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