Quotes of 'Men'

Chris Ritacco :

"Our big men are really good passers."

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Chris Parsons :

"Although the traditional focus of Valentine's Day is on women and the gifts they desire, this survey found that not only do men like to get gifts for Valentine's Day, but they also like those gifts to be luxurious. Sixty-three percent of the people we surveyed agreed that this Valentine's Day, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a great gift for the men in their lives."

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Chris Parsons :

"As the most romantic day of the year approaches, and as a brand that is uniquely male, we wanted to find out how men really feel about Valentines Day, and how they want to celebrate it. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Luxury Survey tells us what gifts men really want versus what gifts women think men want for Valentine's Day -- and the reality is that we're not as far apart as we like to think."

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Chris Noth :

"Republicans will destroy the country... that comes from a Republican sensibility, which is to destroy the fabric of the psychological well being of most men. They have gotten too involved with making money. They do not understand the real values, the democratic values, of the emotions and the commitments that are the basic drives that nourish us. This is why you should not vote Republican."

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Chris Maloney :

"He's just got to keep getting better, keep improving. He's had a lot of RBIs, but I think he would be the first to tell you that he's missed some he should have gotten. Maybe he could be a little more consistent in that area, by picking up the cheapies with men on third and less than two outs."

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Chris Lehane :

"[Also on Gore's agenda is an initiative proposing assistance to elderly widows.] Anyone who is in the later stages of life needs a support system around them and these women don't have it, ... Demographic studies show that women outlive men, so there is disproportionately large number of elderly women who need help."

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Chris Kraft :

"We had two men to choose from, and Neil Armstrong, reticent, soft-spoken, and heroic was our only choice. He had no ego. He was not of a mind that, 'Hey, I'm going to be the first man on the moon!' That was never what Neil had in his head."

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Chris Johnson :

"We were watching a video of a rally in Washington, D.C., and we were just chatting and said, We should do that. Why don't we do that?' ... We just came up with the idea of the role of Christian men in the home, at work and in the community. The intent is to bring Johnston County together."

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Chris Hughes :

"Mill River beat up on us. They out-physicalled us and out-sized us and out-quicked us in just about every facet of the game. I think the majority of the boys are young men we had last year. They've got pretty good memories and that's one I know they wouldn't forget."

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Chris Huffins :

"This was a Big Meet that no question our men could have lost. They had to come out and take it. The meet was basically won on pride."

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