Quotes of 'Culture'

Curt Poore :

"The members of this community will notice different people, and a different culture, and a different deal. Change is a good thing, and I really think the hardworking people of this community will notice the difference as soon as they walk into our showroom."

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Cui Zi'en :

"But all these are on a civil level and spontaneous, the work of mavericks. Such civil culture is often regarded as sub-mainstream, sub-culture, wild and sometimes dangerous so it is pushed aside instead of getting adequate approval."

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Cui Jian :

"More people are playing rock now. One day culture in China will be opened up. It will change suddenly."

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Crispin Glover :

"He took exception to that, and he's right, ... This is culture. What is counterculture is 'The Anna Nicole Smith Show.'"

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Craig Newmark :

"I think people like us because of the culture of trust we have in the site, the culture of goodwill -- and people manage to get stuff done,"

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Craig Conway :

"I continue to be amazed at the situational ethics, and that part of the culture of Oracle continues on. And the Chuck Phillips thing -- it's almost like the corporate equivalent of the Stockholm Syndrome."

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Corey Mays :

"We all knew about the task ahead of us, but we didn't know about the task ahead of us. It was kind of like a culture shock."

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Conor Cunneen :

"If you know their corporate culture, if you know their bright spots, if you know their problems, then you can speak about more specifics. And if you know the names of your audience, use those names whenever possible."

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Connie Weeks :

"It's a culture shock for these kids when they move to a country they've never been to. I don't know how they manage. They didn't come here voluntarily. They were brought here. A lot of the students come in not knowing how to speak any English at all."

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Colin Edwards :

"It seems that they're really keen on MotoGP there and we were given an enthusiastic welcome. The people are so kind and it was no different this time, they looked after us really well! We go to so many different cities but usually only have time to see hotels, airports and race tracks, so it was great to have the chance to experience a bit of local culture for once and do some sightseeing. From what I've seen so far, Bangkok is a really lively and interesting city; I hope I get to visit again sometime soon!"

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