Quotes of 'Hate'

Cyril Connolly :

"Hate is the consequence of fear; we fear something before we hate it; a child who fears noises becomes a man who hates noise."

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Cyndy Kenyon :

"I hate them both equally. We've just got to get to the championship first and then we'll see, but I really don't have a preference between Minnesota and Duluth, I'd like to beat them both."

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Cyndi Lauper :

"What, do you think that feminism means you hate men?"

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Cullum Hasty :

"I'd hate to see the person with the most persuasive voice and the best hairdo get the best of this."

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Craig Stadler :

"You still have fun, but you hate to go out and play so well for a couple of days, then play so poorly for a day,"

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Councilor Dennis Eaniri :

"You hate to but you have to because of today's times."

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Councilman Hal Martin :

"I hate to see the individual property owner get hurt. People had certain rights when they bought their homes and I don't think we can take those away."

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Councilman Frank Lopez :

"I would hate to see a tree come down on a little kid ---- a little child ---- all because we didn't make the right choice up here."

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Cornelius Griffin :

"We couldn't get a play called in the defensive huddle either. We're going, 'What? What?' But that's what you want, the 12th man. You want teams to hate coming here to play us."

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Corey Webster :

"Everybody is going to have to do more now. You hate to lose a guy like Will Peterson because he means so much to this team. Without him younger guys are going to have to take on a bigger role."

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