Quotes of 'Competitor'

Craig Winter :

"He (Talley) is as big a competitor as there is around. He's a big part of our pitching staff and he's playing like a senior."

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Connie Morella :

"A new gender gap has emerged in technology and this is disturbing and disheartening. If our nation is to continue to be a competitor in the global ecomony we need a healthy pool of technically trained persons ... We can achieve this only if we include both halves of the work force,"

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Clint Weddle :

"She's a true competitor in every sense of the word. We didn't expect her to fill that role, but when you believe in someone, it doesn't matter how old they are."

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Clint Lawhorne :

"It was a very windy day, so having each competitor break five minutes in their leg of the relay was an accomplishment."

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Clay Courville :

"They do some things very well, which is why we consider them our chief competitor."

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Chuck Gault :

"She (Kinsella) didn't feel very good. I was happy to see her go six. She gave me more than I thought she could. She was weak, but she's gutsy. She's a competitor."

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Christopher Calisi :

"Our main competitor is NetApp."

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Chris Turner :

"Since I've been here we've brought a lot of young players through and signed players under the age of 24 and one thing we have lacked is experience and Tony has got that. He's a competitor and he knows the division."

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Chris Nolen :

"Nate is such a great competitor. He's always around the ball. He does make us go. Nate played his butt off."

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Chris Miles :

"(Sutton's) an outstanding pitcher, she really is. She is very composed and she does a good job, she's a competitor."

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