Quotes of 'Market '

Cyril McGuire :

"With over 15 years of executive management experience, Shaun Gray will bring a wealth of payments industry knowledge and business development experience which should provide the leadership and passion to drive the execution of the Company's growth strategy and market plans for our payments business."

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Cyril Beuzit :

"We're slightly positive on the bond market for now. A rate move is priced in for June but people have given up on the idea of getting anything earlier."

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Cyril Beuzit :

"The risk is for the ECB to accelerate the pace of interest- rate hikes. There seems to be very little support for the European bond market."

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Cyril Beuzit :

"Five-year Treasuries should continue to attract buyers. We can expect the auction to go well, and the market to rally further."

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Cyril Beuzit :

"The outlook for the bond market is still negative. The European recovery is quite strong and we've had an accumulation of hawkish comments from the ECB."

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Cynthia Messina :

"Costs have gone down. This makes it more reflective of what's going on in the market."

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Cynthia McKinney :

"Eight generations of African-Americans are still waiting to achieve their rights - compensation and restitution for the hundreds of years during which they were bought and sold on the market."

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Cushing Anderson :

"This is a continuation of a trend of e-learning being adopted more and more widely. [E-learning] has been getting bigger for the last 10 years, and it has not yet fully penetrated the market."

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Curtis Jackson :

"I do appreciate it. They are talking about it on media outlets I didn't have plans to market the movie to. They are helping me out."

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Curtis Brown :

"We're not stealing market share from the Williamsburg area. We're going to steal from Virginia Beach, as people drive down 64."

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