Quotes of 'Tough'

Cynthia Barboza :

"I would definitely agree that you grow up pretty fast when you're 16, ... watching how they deal with tough situations. When we're behind, how everyone stays calm and just keeps chipping away until we're back in the game."

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Cyndi Valentin :

"Their fans were really tough. It was a tough environment to play in."

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Cy Alexander :

"It was poise and not being tough enough yet as a young team to handle a lead on the road. We had people trying to do too much, taking shots too quickly. ... Basketball is a game of runs and we've got to work to shorten the opponent's runs from five minutes to two minutes."

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Curtis Withers :

"It was tough losing games we should have won, based on execution and rebounding. It was the small things that good teams should do."

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Curtis Murphy :

"I think it was just a tough game. I really don't think either team came out and played as well as they could. That kind of showed because it was kind of a messy, ugly game."

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Curtis Hudson :

"He has had some ups and downs. Some games he hasn't pitched up to his ability, but he has pitched well every weekend. He knows if he's pitched well or not. He doesn't let tough losses get to him."

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Curtis Hudson :

"He has done a good job. Curtis is tough. He battles and is one of our hardest workers. He works hard at his craft."

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Curtis Hines :

"We just dug ourselves a hole and had to fight back all game. And it was tough to dig out of that hole. We came back but just couldn't get over the hump."

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Curtis E. Lemay :

"I don't mind being called tough since I find in this racket it's the tough guys who lead the survivors."

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Curt Stellfox :

"Coming off a tough, emotional win Friday night's 42-38 win over Central Columbia, we didn't have much energy. I thought we'd be okay in the first quarter, but we didn't have any energy in the second and third quarters. Thirteen field goals isn't going to win many games."

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