Quotes of 'Politics'

Curt Gowdy :

"They were all wonderful sportsmen and for many of them it was a chance for them to get away from Hollywood, the movies, entertainment, politics or sports. For me, The American Sportsman series was some of the best times in my life."

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Crystal Canney :

"This is the right thing to do in his mind. It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with his belief structure."

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Craig Grau :

"It's an area that's more dependent on the government, and that's led to high voter turnout. Traditionally politics has been a spectator sport there ... they take it very seriously."

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Corey Woods :

"I got involved in this because being raised in a certain kind of family gets you involved in political action early. I thought it was normal to have parents talk about social issues and politics and economics for two hours at the dinner table."

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Corey Walker :

"There are a number of issues that you have to think about in relation to the spatial politics of a city when thinking about ward politics in a city."

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Corey Walker :

"So it tends to reinforce existing prejudices that map onto spatial dimensions of a city. And it also tends to reinforce certain economic divisions within cities in terms of political power as well as in terms of representation. Typically, if you have less affluent areas of a city, they may not be able to develop a wide political base to make their voices actively heard within electoral politics throughout a city-government structure."

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Corazon Aquino :

"I know my limitations, and I don't like politics. I was only involved because of my husband."

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Constanze Stelzenmueller :

"Women in politics, academia and the business world (in Germany) are a decade behind women in America and some other European countries. The fact in itself that we have a woman candidate for chancellor is revolutionary."

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Colin Strother :

"Threats of black-listing have no place in Democratic politics. It's a disgusting tactic and it's been done out of pure desperation."

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Colin Jensen :

"Our concern is about the traveler, not the politics. What really matters is what the traveler needs to know."

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