Quotes of 'Important '

Cyril Joad :

"There was never an age in which useless knowledge was more important than our own"

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Cynthia Wilson :

"I sense a difference at both schools. There's an atmosphere that learning is the most important thing."

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Cynthia Williams :

"Quitting smoking is a hard thing to do, and it's important to provide as much help and encouragement as we can to the person attempting to quit."

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Cynthia Rowley :

"Much more than ever before. The shoes again are always important, so they are really special, I think, and lots of cork, which I love. There's shoes with aluminum in them. We made some really fun aluminum bags that look like folding lawn chairs, only the webbing with the aluminum handles."

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Cynthia Pryor :

"We all had agreed on specific language that would note at what point a violation would occur - once it was found that groundwater had been contaminated. As it stands right now, as long as the company fills out a report and identifies a plan for remediation, there will be no violation. It was so important to us that a mining company/operator be fully accountable for their actions."

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Cynthia Prost :

"With Hurricane Katrina and the devastating toll it took on the city, we felt strongly this was something important to honor."

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Cynthia Hinckley :

"If I spent all of my time worrying about how I was going to live up to their standards, I don't think I'd be focused on the important things."

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Cynthia Bartlett :

"It is really important to have those tools in your possession if you lose your child."

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Cyndy Kenyon :

"I'm still shaking from the elation of winning today. We've been so close and been on that other side, watching the other team get the trophy. I think it's a huge step for our program, university and team. We all have worked so hard, from top to bottom, everybody has played such an important roll in our success."

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Cyndi Lauper :

"God has more important things to worry about than who I sleep with."

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