Quotes of 'Fraud'

Craig Jenness :

"The election was pretty credible under the circumstances. I certainly don't see anything that would suggest that there was massive fraud in these elections."

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Craig Jenness :

"We do think there might have been fraud in a few isolated places, but we don't see this widespread fraud people are talking about."

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Conrad Black :

"There was a colossal bankruptcy, 50,000 people lost their jobs, tens of billions of dollars were lost and there was a $4 billion accounting fraud. Keep a little perspective, guys,"

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Clay Johnson III :

"To further strengthen the protections that we have put in place to guard against fraud and abuse, we are asking that agencies operate under pre-hurricane levels unless they can justify to us that there are exceptional circumstances."

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Clark Kent Ervin :

"It is entirely appropriate that the money go out just as quickly as possible to people whom we think need it, and to worthy contractors on a competitive basis. But in the rush to do it, there is real potential for waste and certainly for fraud as well."

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Clark Kent Ervin :

"There's understandable pressure to get money out quickly. But there inevitably will be waste and fraud."

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Claire Ebel :

"The real question that needs to be asked and answered is 'Why?' Why would any group of legislators want to discourage college students from registering and voting? I thought what we wanted is for young people to participate in the democratic process. We don't have one shred of evidence of voter fraud in this state."

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Chuck Watson :

"They can read the fish and game regulations. They're not stupid. If they were the victims of fraud, I don't think the federal government would be prosecuting them."

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Chuck Richard :

"It's a mistake to equate the relative trivial size of the settlement to any indication of what click fraud actually is."

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Christopher Russell :

"It just upset me because I did all that research, you know, try to make sure they're legitimate company and everything and it still went through as a fraud."

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